The beneficial effects of fountains

Besides their pleasant aspect, interior fountains have extremely beneficial effects on our health.

Just like a summer rain, interior fountains purify the air, absorbing the dust particles, and contribute to creating a thermic confort by increasing the air humidity.

The water flow leads to the formation of negative ions, known for their positive impact on people's health, state of mind and level of energy. The negative ions in the air naturally neutralise the positive ions, produced by electronic equipment, while contributing to raising the serotonin level in the brain.

In our busy daily lives it can sometimes be hard to restore peace in ourselves. We go to work, cook dinner, sometimes watch TV or play foxybingo but how often do we focus on our positive energy? It would without a doubt be beneficial to have something in our lives, like the indoor fountain, that can help achieve that balance without us having to consciously work on it.

The water's soft murmuring sound has a soothing effect, it reduces the anxiety and depression and invites to meditation and relaxation.

Easy to maintain

Interior fountains are easy to maintain, since they do not require any kind of water installations.

Due to the natural evaporation process, water has to be added periodically in order to maintain the level above the pump. The dusty air makes it necessary that the water be completely replaced every couple of months.

Distilled water is recommended, since tap water contains minerals which, in time, will leave stains on the fountain and deteriorate the pump.